Dietary Director Exmpt Greenwood IN

Dietary Director Exmpt

Capital Senior Living
Greenwood IN
Job Type: Full Time
Posting Date: 8/1/2020

As the FOOD SERVICE MANAGER, you are delegated the authority, responsibility, and accountability to carry out your assigned duties. Even though your job description is broad, every effort has been made to make this outline as complete as possible. HOWEVER, we must emphasize that you may be required to perform other related duties and activities.Plan, develop, organize, implement, evaluate, and direct the Dietary Department, its programs and activities (includes department policies and procedures, job descriptions, etc.)Meet with administration, medical, and nursing staff, as well as other related departments in planning food service programs and activitiesDevelop and maintain a working rapport with inter-department personnel, as well as other departments within the facility to assure that food service can be properly maintained to meet the needs of the residentsDevelop and maintain dietary objectives and standardsAssist in developing, implementing, and coordinating department policies and procedures, resident care plans, dietary manuals, job descriptions, etc.Assure that department personnel follow established dietary policies and proceduresReview department policies, procedures, manuals, job descriptions, etc. at least annually, and participate in making recommended changesAssist in the development of the department budgetDevelop and participate in programs designed for inservice education, on-the-job training, and orientation classes for newly assigned department personnel (includes maintaining appropriate record keeping requirements of when classes were held, subject matter, attendance, etc.)Assist in the recruitment, hiring, training, warning, and supervising of competent department personnelParticipate in discharge planning, development, and implementation of resident care plans, resident assessments, etc. as requiredInterview residents or family members as necessary to obtain diet history, etcPerform administrative requirements such as completing necessary forms, reports, etc. and submitting them to the Administrator as requiredAssist in planning normal and special diets as prescribed by the attending physician. Assure that food is available for preparation by cooksMaintain current records that reflect department expenditures including food cost, inventory, etcDetermine department staffing, evaluate employee performance, and make recommendations to the Administrator concerning wage & salary adjustments, hiring, terminations, transfers, etcParticipate and assist in departmental studies and projects as assigned or that may become necessaryMaintain CONFIDENTIALITY of pertinent resident care information to assure resident rights are protectedCoordinate dietary service with other departments as necessaryAssure that a stock level of staple/non-staple food, supplies, equipment, etc. are maintained at adequate levelsInspect the dietary area & practices for compliance with current applicable regulations regularlyAssist in developing a dietary service organization structureServe on various committees of the facility as required by existing regulations and as appointed by the AdministratorWork with the facilitys dietitian as necessary and implement recommended changes as requiredAssure that department personnel follow established Infection Control policies and proceduresReview complaints and grievances and make necessary oral/written reports to the AdministratorRepresent the facility at and participate in meetings as requiredResponsible for developing methods for determining quality and quantity of food servedRecommend to the Administrator the equipment and supply needs of the departmentMake written and oral reports/recommendations to the Administrator concerning the operation of the food service departmentAssure that the department is maintained in a clean and safe manner by assuring that necessary equipment and supplies are maintained to perform such duties/servicesResponsible for standardizing the methods in which work will be accomplishedMaintain a file of tested standard recipesVerify invoices for the purchasing of food, supplies, equipment, etc. and submit to accountingAssure that a sufficient number of food service personnel are on duty during food service preparationResponsible for scheduling department working hours, personnel, work assignments, etcResponsible for purchasing food, supplies, equipment, etcAssume the authority, responsibility, and accountability of directing the food service departmentAssure that assessment notes charted are informative and descriptive of the services provided and of the residents response to the serviceReview the dietary requirements of the residents admitted to the facility, as may be required, and assist the attending physician in planning for the residents prescribed diet planVisit residents periodically to evaluate the excellence of meals served, likes and dislikesAssure that food storage areas are clean and properly arrangedCheck food production and food service to assure proper procedures are maintainedAssure that menus are maintained and filed in accordance with established policies & proceduresAssist in planning menus, work production, etc. as requiredEstablish food service production line, etc. to assure that meals are prepared on timeDevelop and monitor adequate inventory control proceduresInventory incoming food, supplies, etcDirect storage of food and supplies as necessaryAssist in food preparation and cleaning duties as necessaryPlan and assist in food preparation of special meals for parties, etcMaintain records with current diet orders and dislikesOther duties as deemed necessary and appropriate or as the Administrator may direct